You can be famous for being beautiful and you're still not good enough


I really don’t like those exploitive “look who has cellulite inside!” gossip magazines, but I find airbrush rollovers fascinating. Especially the choices made by those in charge of retouching.

Some women’s bustlines are made bigger, some are reduced. Many women are made lighter, skin and hair.

Arms and thighs are reduced, and all traces of freckles, pores and lines are removed to show only smooth, satiny, plastic-ey skin.


Angelina’s eye was moved a smidge upward and had her freckles removed.

This is also why I discourage using magazines and published images as a source of learning to draw. You are often using a warped and changed source to learn your sense of anatomy and facial detail from. Vital things like eyeball cappilaries and mouth wrinkles are removed, but they give you anatomical information.

Using magazine images to learn to draw women really only teaches you to draw one singular mono-woman who is mostly white, tall, thin with full breasts, high cheekbones and luscious, flowing hair.

Men often don’t recieve this level of treatment, wearing their facial details as a sign of vitality and experience. Seasoned and rugged.


Look at all those wrinkles and stubble! And his uneven eye! Stray hairs! He’s a horror show! How did they let him out of his house?



He’s got acne, wrinkles, thin lips and, well, Tom Hiddleston eyebrows are just a league of their own.

Yet these men are still considered attractive. Possibly even more attractive because of their flaws/features like stubble or wrinkles. Men can be “silver foxes” but women with crow’s feet are constantly asked if they are sick or “Gosh, you look tired. Are you ok?”

So is it any wonder we have drawing instructions like this?



Credit to Eschergirls and Chris Hart drawing books.

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?

Edited to add: Angelina Jolie is 37, David Tennant is 41 and Tom Hiddleston is 32. Despite being almost 40 and older than Tom by 5 years, Angelina is not allowed to have any wrinkles, scarring or sun damage on her face. She is held to a higher standard of beauty than either of the other men.

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