Look, if scary horror-movie violin music started playing whenever a sociopathic rapist walked in the room, we wouldn’t have a rape problem.

But it doesn’t.

And rapists are very charming people. That’s what they do. The most successful manipulator will convince you that you are safe in their arms until it is too late. A successful manipulator will convince you that you don’t need pepperspray or karate or your cell phone. A successful manipulator will make you feel good about yourself and them. A rapist with big red horns and scaly green skin who jumps out and yells “SWIGGITY SWAPIST I’M A RAPIST” is an unsuccessful rapist.

If it was that easy to tell who the rapists are from a distance, we wouldn’t have a rape problem.

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    Not only that, but the fact that people are so willing to take advantage of those who are not capable of consenting...
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  6. sluttyturtlenecks said: it’s weird when you think about it. like, that anyone could rape you or kill you. you know? like anybody could be a killer or a rapist and nobody around them feels like they are before they do it and anybody has the capability?
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